Friday, August 22, 2008


I love blogs, because then I can ask all you wise mothers who have children older than me, or even those of you who just know more than me for help again. I'm going to try to start weaning Brielle soon, but I'm very scared. She chokes on everything!! I gave her a little piece of potato, probably smaller than a cheerio and she starting choking and I thought I had just killed my daughter! She eats baby food really well, it is just transitioning from baby/liquid food to eating normal food?? How do I do that without her choking on every bite? I heard cheerios are good, but I'm thinking that would kill her right off. I think she just tries to swallow things instead of gum or chew them? Any thoughts/suggestions would be very helpful!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary

So since I only really take the time to post on the weekends I thought that I would wish my honey a happy anniversary on Friday, 08/08/08. This will be our 6th year anniversary. I cannot believe that it has been six years. Time flies when you are having fun huh? Mike and I met in Institute Choir at LDS Business College. Obviously I fell in love with his voice. If you have not heard Mike sing, that is a shame because I think he has one of the most incredible voices in the world! It is so pure and wonderful. Another thing that made me fall in love with him was his genuine interest in people. He really wants to get to know you and become your friend. He is so sweet and is kind to everyone he comes in contact with. He became my best friend quickly and that is how I knew we would be together forever. We were friends first. He also has always has treated me with respect and love. He never raises his voice at me and is the most forgiving person I know. He loves Heavenly Father and it shows in his actions. Mike is also an incredible cook. I gained weight quickly after we were married because I could not stop eating his amazing cooking. Mike likes to watch sports with me and so we have fun watching football, basketball, beach volleyball, the olympics etc, together. He loves his family and mine and we enjoy being around them and building memories. I found out recently (which I already knew this would be the case) that he is a great father. He loves Brielle and is always so good to her. He can get her to laugh way more than I can. He takes care of her any time I need him to without complaining. I think Brielle will be very close with him when she gets older. He also always makes me feel good about myself. He tells me he loves me everyday and constantly will compliment me on different things. There is hardly an anniversary, birthday, or Valentines day that goes by that he will not get me flowers and/or chocolate. He is very thoughtful and I never have to remind him about special occasions. Last of all, he loves me! He is my best friend and I thank Heavenly Father everyday that he allowed Mike and I to meet, fall in love and start a family together. My greatest hope is that we live worthy to be together forever. I love you Mike!!

The Wednesday Letters

I just finished reading this book and loved it!!! If you have not read it, please do. It is awesome and made me want to be a better person. Also if one of you out there bought or will buy the new Stephanie Meyer book, A New Dawn, and would allow me to borrow it when you are done with it, I would greatly appreciate it!! I really want to read that one too!


Let me know if you are getting sick of me writing stuff about myself!

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Getting ready to start my junior year of high school
2. Going to Lake Powell with my family and skiing with 7 or 8 people behind the boat at the same time.
3. Getting excited to drive and date in a few months!
4. Not getting along with my baby sister. Good thing we do now!
5. Hanging out with friends pretty much every weekend.

5 Things on my to-do list:
1. Lose Weight
2. Clean out pantry
3. Scrapbook Brielle's first year
4. Organize office (what a mess!)
5. Make lots of family home evening packets

5 Favorite Snacks/Food:
1. Chips and salsa
2. Ice cream
3. Krispy Kream donuts (did I spell that right?)
4. Olive Garden pizza
5. Mike's curry dish

5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire
1. Pay off all debt
2. Pay off my family's debt
3. Buy a houseboat, mastercraft ski boat and wave runners
4. Contribute to LDS Business College for scholarships
5. Buy a big house and have more children (mine are extra expensive!)

5 Bad habits:
1. Eating while watching tv.
2. Eating late at night
3. Not getting enough sleep
4. Getting upset/competitive when playing sports
5. Leaving my clothes on the ground (this is a new bad habit)

5 Places I've lived (and in order):
1. Heaven
2. Roosevelt, Utah
3. Salt Lake City, Utah
4. Sandy, Utah
5. Provo, Utah

Lake Powell

Brielle and I had the opportunity to go to Lake Powell with some of my family. It was a lot of fun. We had snow cones and this was after Brielle tasted a pineapple one. She made some great faces.

This is Brielle relaxing in the car Mike got her. She loved it. I liked that it was so shaded.
Brielle, Shelleen, Ariah and I just before we got in the water for a quick dip.
This is my cousin Aubree and Shell skiing. Even though you couldn't see it, the buoy is a No Wake buoy. I thought it was a funny picture since Shell skiied on the wrong side of it and lifted her rope over it. I love skiing with other people.
Here are the four moms and four babies that were there.
Here is my mom skiing; not bad for a 61 year old!
Here is a picture of me skiing. I love the red rock down there.
Here is Abigail and Brielle. These two are about a month apart. Abigail has sunscreen on her head that is why she looks like she has white hair. I love this face!

More pictures of Lake Powell

This is my uncle who makes it possible for us to go to Lake Powell. This is him slaloming. He is probably the most giving and spiritual person I know. I love being around him.
This is my cousin's husband. This is the air chair. It is pretty fun, although I'm not very good at it! He was working on trying to do a flip.
This is my sister and I skiing together. I love skiing. It is so exhilirating to fly across water on water skis.
We had four babies there this trip. One was 6 weeks old (she is not in this picture). The one on the far left is Ariah (my sister's baby). The one in the middle is Abigail (my cousins baby) and of course Brielle is on the right. I thought it was a cute picture, and no we did not take them out on the tubes for a joy ride :)
Here is Brielle relaxing in the car. She loved it. I didn't take her in the water much because I was afraid she would get sunburned. She has such white skin. We had such a great time. I realized it is not near as relaxing with your own baby. It is much more fun and enjoyable to be the child, instead of the parent. I loved spending time with my family and Brielle did okay overall.

My Grandma's 87th birthday

Here are my mom's parents. My grandpa is 86 and my grandma is 87 years old!! They just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. They are amazing. Can you believe my grandma has never dyed her hair? They are such good people. They go to the temple once a week and volunteer at the MTC once a week. I love them very much.
My grandparents had seven children. Only one was missing in this photograph. My mom is the oldest (bottom right). The youngest is my aunt Sheryl (bottom left). I am very close to her. My uncles up top are all such incredible men and I'm lucky to have them as uncles.
These are my aunts and uncles with my grandparents, except the second from the left on the bottom which is my cousin (my aunt couldn't make it yet).
This is most of our whole group (62 out of 88) total posterity from my grandparents. All were there except those that live out of state, and even some of them were there.
This is my grandma blowing out her birthday candles.