Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brooklyn from birth to now

Wow - I cannot believe she is already 1 year old. I of course meant to do this post right on our birthdays or that weekend but it has been a month and that is about how often I actually sit down and blog. Here she is the day after her birthday weighing 7 lbs 4 oz. She was 3 pounds heavier than Brielle so I thought she was HUGE! I have a good friend who would disagree otherwise since she had a 10 pound baby.

1 month - Here is Brooklyn at about five weeks sitting next to her new cousin Jaron (who I cut out of the picture; sorry Shell). What a chunk she is. She cried a lot as a baby and didn't sleep well at nights. 2 months - Here is her blessing day which was one of the greatest and worst days of my life. It was a beautiful day until about 6:00 pm when Brielle had her fingers slammed in the door leading to the garage and we spent the next couple of hours at the hospital and the next few months trying to get it healed. What an ordeal. Thankfully Brooklyn's blessing was wonderful and she was good in her dress with no blowouts! We had so many family and friends come. We are so blessed to have such great support nearby.
3 months - She starts smiling and babbling, saying mama here and there. Still not sleeping through the night and screams really, really, really loud a lot of the time.
4 months - Brielle realizes she can make Brooklyn smile. This by all standards is a terrible picture but it gives me such a happy memory I had to put it in. Brielle had not been so nice to Brooklyn when she was a baby (well still has a hard time) but I loved that she made her sister smile in this picture. It makes my heart swell when they play nicely together.
5 months - One of my favs. She has the biggest smile and the most beautiful eyes/eye lashes. I could just eat her up and did nibble on her cheeks everyday. I love those cheeks!
6 months - Starting to be a happier baby. She still cries A LOT but now she can roll so she can get to things faster and that makes everyone happy. We started her on baby food and she didn't want anything to do with it so we started putting rice cereal in bottles to help her sleep better at night. I think it helped a little bit.
7 months - Halloween! Brielle had this same monkey outfit for her 1st real Halloween and I love it just as much on Brooklyn. They make such adorable monkeys.
8 months - Brielle loved hats at this time in her life so she decided to put one on Brooklyn. Pretty cute don't you think? Brooklyn gets her first two teeth (not side by side oddly enough) and starts scooting forward. Still not sleeping all the way through the night.
9 months - the day this photo was taken Brooklyn decides to start crawling. I didn't have a single photo of her this month but I loved this one of her and her dad. She has decided she likes baby food and will finally eat it. She also would smack her lips right before she started nursing which I thought was so cute. Brooklyn also says hmmm....hmmm....hmmm..while eating. She finally sleeps all the way through the night three days after I moved her out of my room. I should have done that six months ago. Oh well. I know better for next time.
10 months - She has two more teeth for a total of four. Three on the bottom (thankfully the one came in between the first two on the bottom) and one on top (on the left side, not in the middle). Still love those big blue eyes and huge smile. I am a much happier mama now that I'm sleeping through the night which makes for happier kids!
This picture makes me laugh every time. We were at the cabin with family/friends and I think she was eating Cheetos? Maybe cheese puffs. Anyway I love this picture and I hope it made you smile as well. She loves to walk along things and goes around in a circle from the Love Sac to couch to couch in our house.
Brooklyn turns 1! YAY!! She doesn't have much hair but now weighs around 18 pounds. She can say Mama, Dada, Hi, Owww, Hello and Go. She took her first steps unassisted five days after her birthday and has never looked back. She loves walking and practically running whenever she can. She has been given many nicknames by both her sister and father and is rarely called Brooklyn but can be known as Bougia, Puggy wuggy, Sheshi, Ku-lu, Ku-tu, Pola bear, Sis, Brook and many other names that Brielle deems fit to bestow upon her. We are so thankful to have Brooklyn in our family. She has been a tough baby but I'm pretty sure that means she will be a great teenager right? We love you Brooklyn! Happy birthday angel!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Other March pictures

This is now my desktop because I love this picture so much of my mom and Brielle. This was taken at Ariah's birthday party.

Here is Brooklyn's cake that she destroyed, I mean ate. Did you know that sprinkles go bad? Well apparently after 8 years they do. I put these colored sprinkles on hers and the other cake and they were disgusting so then I borrowed some blue ones and redid the flowers. It was much better with sprinkles that had not expired. Note to self: Try the sprinkles before you put them on the cake...
Here is the finished product.
I loved this picture of Mike and Brielle. Two of the people I love most in this world.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Brooklyn had her 1st birthday last month and we had a great day celebrating our birthdays. She did exactly what I thought she would with her cake.

She ate her marshmallows first. Then got a little messy and threw it on the ground. Just like all her other food.
Here is her cute cousin Jaron who just celebrated his first birthday last week. He was a happy boy at the party and I loved this picture.
Here is another cousin, Ariah, who also looked really cute. I had to photoshop out the TV in the background because she just looked so
adorable. I don't think I got any great pictures of Brooklyn with all her presents but we had quite the day of celebrating with Ariah's party in the morning, Brooklyn's in the afternoon and mine in the evening. We love March birthdays in our family!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brooklyn eating

I love when I see similarities between Brielle and Brooklyn. This is one of them. She loves her food, just like Brielle, although I would say she is more picky by far.