Sunday, September 28, 2008

Catch up

So I used to get upset when people would post a whole bunch all at the same time. I just thought, why don't they just post as they go along. Well it happened to me. I found that if I was posting as I went along, I was not getting my work done and that was a problem, so I just stopped blogging for a while. Well I just played catch up, so if you want to just look at one a day for the next week or so, then it will be like I posted everyday, instead of all at the same time. Thanks for all your comments. I love your comments! Have a great week and hope you enjoyed the catch up. I'll try to be better at posting more often, but I make no guarantees.

Brielle looking through crib slats

So obviously when Brielle started crawling, she started pulling herself up on things, including her bed. Needless to say, I had Mike lower the crib so she couldn't try to do a kamakazi dive out of it. So for a while after we lowered it, she couldn't pull herself up and this is what I came in to every morning. It just melted me.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who commented on my choking post. I am happy to report that Brielle is doing awesome now. She has the chewing thing down with things such as Gerber stars, cheerios, graham crackers and baby food 3rd stage! It makes me breathe so much easier knowing she is not going to choke on everything that goes in her mouth. The problem is that anything she finds on the ground she thinks should go in her mouth. Oh well, baby steps.....

Ode to my sister Shelleen

I just needed to make a shout out to my beautiful sister, Shelleen. Isn't she gorgeous? I just love her. Anyway, those weeks where I was working like crazy, she made the effort to pack up her cute baby and come down and watch Brielle so I could work a billion hours! I didn't want Brielle to be ignored in any way, so I was so thankful that she came down and watched her for me. She is such a blessing in my life. I love her so much and I'm so thankful we grew up (because we didn't get along so well when we were younger) and are so close now. She is truly one of my best friends and I do not know what I would do without her. I am so close to both of my sisters and they both live within 45 minutes of me. II am so lucky. I'm very thankful for them. We get to see each other often and I love them both very much!

Oh and here is a picture of Brielle in the hamper. Just too cute to pass up.

My sister tagged me - 6 interesting things about me

I don't know if these are interesting, but I tried to pick things that I didn't think most of you knew about me.

1. Mike and I met when I was 18 years old and I was married at age 19 in the SLC temple to my honey.
2. There are not many things that I love to do more than lay in the sun and read a good book. My parents used to do what we called a 'Summer Fun Chart,' which I would recommend to all of you parents. They would pay us 1 cent for every page we read in a book, and then 5 cents per sticker in other areas (such as cooking a meal for the family, helping with a big project, memorizing a scripture, etc). I developed a huge love for reading, as did my siblings. I wish I took more time to read now, because I sure do love it. If any of you want further information on the summer fun chart, please let me know. I definitely plan on doing it with my children as they get older. It is a great way to get your kids motivated to read as well as never be bored during the summer.
3. I am a game and game show-aholic. I LOVE to play games. I am addicted to them and have to play them at least once a week with either my husband, or friends and family. I also love almost all game shows. I think they are fascinating and I love watching and learning things on them.
4. I attended LDS Business College and received a degree in Medical Administrative Assisting (which is basically an office manager in the medical field) but now work at home 25-30 hours a week as a medical transcriptionist. I love it and am thankful everyday I get to be with my baby and watch her learn and grow.
5. I love sports!! I tend to watch more sports than my husband. I love watching football, basketball, volleyball, the Olympics and sometimes golf. I love to watch people exceed at a sport and I also enjoy playing most any sport. I played volleyball six years and played basketball three years when I was younger. Mike and I love to play Ultimate Frisbee so if anyone is up for a game, let us know.
6. I have a weird habit of wanting to lead music when I hear it. If I am listening to the radio, or Mormon Tabernacle Choir, or sometimes even when I go to a concert, I want to conduct the music. I love music and highly enjoy watching the conductors. They are usually very animated and fun to watch. I don't know where I got this weird impulse, but I think it might have something to do with. Mr. Holland's Opus. What a great movie!!!

Okay well now that that is over, I would like to tag Michelle M, Melissa Y, Kristin F and Susie S. Thanks for participating!!

Sleeping positions

On my sister's blog, she did a post about how her baby started off her in one position and ended in a completely different one (really before she moved much). A friend commented on her blog that it was funny to see how the baby "landed" after taking naps or in the morning. I loved that phrasing and decided to take a few shots of Brielle landed in the middle of her naps.

Here are a few more, just for laughs

Sundance Pictures

So I had never been up to Sundance, so on Friday night a couple of weeks ago, we headed up. It was beautiful, although we got there fairly late, so we did not have a lot of sunlight, but I did manage to get a couple of cute pictures.

Sad, Sad try of my own photo shoot of Brielle

Most of the time she was crawling away before I could get a picture. I love the 2nd to last one. It looks like a baby prison photo! Cute outfit though. Oh well maybe another time.

Dancing Brielle

So we have a little dancer on our hands. This is so cute! It is a little long, but way worth it, plus it is a good song playing in the background anway. It is my new favorite song from Jason Mraz.

And she's off....

So Brielle finally learned to crawl. We are very excited about it, since most babies crawl between 8 and 10 months and Brielle was almost 11 months (now she is 11 months), we were getting a little worried. She was basically doing all forms of moving, except crawling (and walking of course). She could roll wherever she wanted to go, and she could crawl backwards, but just didn't seem interested in going forwards. Well after Mike and I showed her multiple times how to crawl by crawling around the house ourselves, she finally got it and now is doing a great job crawling and pulling herself up on things. Yes I know, it is now time to baby proof. I heard this goes in stages though, so we are slowly finding what we need to baby proof as Brielle makes herself around her house. It is fun though to have her in this stage.

Hey Guys!

So I have found that there have been multiple people looking at our blog (which you are welcome to) who have blogs as well, but I do not know about them. Did that even make sense? Anyway if you are not listed to the side under my family and friends and you have a blog, will you please leave your blog address in my comment box, or e-mail it to me so I can look at your cute blogs too? I would really appreciate it. Thanks and have a fabulous day!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I am unique! I'm the only one! Sweet!
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Stay Tuned

I am so sorry that I have not been keeping up on this very well. Just to let you know how the last few weeks have gone for me, as of Thursday morning aorund 11 o'clock the latest I had gotten up this week was 4:30 am and I had worked 43 hours up to that point! That on top of a baby makes life pretty busy. When I'm not working it is hard for me to be on my computer when there are dishes and laundry to be done. Anyway I promise that I will catch ya'll up as soon as I get a chance to breathe, hopefully this weekend! Here are some cute pictures taken recently of the family. I hope you are all doing well in blogging land!!