Sunday, December 28, 2008


This is Mike's sister Rachael and Brielle. She and Celeste (Mike's step mom) watched Brielle so we could go snowmobiling with Mike's Dad. We had a great time and I came home to this. It was so awesome!
This is the sight Mike saw on one his snowmobiling excursions. Isn't it breathtaking?
This is on our excursion with Mike's dad.

Mike took this picture and then I said, oh honey turn around and take it.
This was the view from the other side. It was incredible!

We had a great time swimming in the indoor pool, playing WII, playing Ticket to Ride and snowmobiling. We had a fabulous Christmas. I hope all of you did too. What did you do that was fun?

More Christmas stuff

1st good snowfall in Provo. I think we got over a foot. It was awesome!

Stoddard Family Party. Brielle did a little better but still didn't like Santa unless she was about 10 feet away. Before we went up, she kept saying Santa, Santa, Santa, Santa, over and over again. It was so funny!

This was the wig Mike got for Christmas at the Weight Family Party. It was a good laugh.
Here is Ariah on the right and Brielle on the left. Sorry it is kind of hard to see their faces. Brielle is screaming and Ariah is just looking at Santa. Don't they look adorable?

Weight Family Christmas Party

This is our Weight Family Christmas Party. This is Brielle before she saw Santa....

This is on Santa's lap. Obviously she didn't really enjoy it!
This is my sister's baby Ariah before she saw Santa...

And on Santa's lap. She did better than Brielle but still didn't want to be there.

Temple Square and other pictures

Here is our Christmas tree this year. I love it. It is simple and beautiful with running lights.
Here is our Christmas angel in front of our tree.

Here is a beautiful tree from Temple Square.
Brielle refused to smile but here are she and I.
Mike and Brielle in front of some lights.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So for Thanksgiving we went to Illinois where my brother and his family live. They had twins in August and were blessing them the Sunday after Thanksgiving so my whole family went there. It was fun and crazy with all of the little kids. Here are a couple of pictures. Obviously the one with Mike, Brielle and I, and the other picture is my whole family currently. We jumped from 5 grandkids to 10 grandkids in one year! Pretty crazy. I'm very thankful for my family! We are dressed up in teams so everyone can see who belongs to who. My parents are in BYU blue. My oldest sister Shimayne and her husband are in Jazz colors. My oldest brother Chris and his family are in Utah State shirts. My brother just older than me, Donovan and his family are in Southern Illinois University maroon colors. Mike, Brielle and I are in Utah colors (since that is where he attended) and my younger sister Shelleen and her family are in Nebraska colors. Kind of a fun way to tell whose family belongs to who in a large family picture! I got that idea from a good friend of mine!