Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy birthday Brooklyn, no wait me, no wait Brooklyn..Happy birthday to both of us!

 Happy birthday to my little girl!  I cannot believe she is 2 already.  I have had a lot of people say oh that is so great to be able to share your birthday with your daughter and I bet when she is older I will love it but right now, I feel kind of cheated.  I feel like I should be doing all these things for her when I just want to relax and be pampered myself but I'll tell you what, it was a great day!  We started our birthdays by my mom and sister taking me to IHOP.  It was awesome!
 Then since Mike had taken the day off, we then went as a family to Kangaroo Zoo.  The kids had a great time!  Mike and I got to have a good time just relaxing and watching them have fun.  I love Brooklyn's faces in these pictures. 
 I also was very lenient with her binky so she was a happy camper that day.
 My two styling girls.
 I love this pictures of Brooklyn and her presents.  She is such a cutie!
 Here is her sunshine cake I made.
 Shell and Ryan just got back from Disneyland and they brought these cute ears back.
 My cute friend Amy always takes pictures of her kids with their balloons on their birthdays and I love it so I tried it and it didn't quite work out as well because the sun was really bright but I still love it.
 Mike's family couldn't make it to the party earlier so they had another one for us and we had a blast. 
Happy birthday sweet girl!