Friday, January 22, 2010


My good friend Amy did a post about her kids and some other kids they are friends with and I loved it. It brought tears to my eyes because these kids were singing a song that I taught them in primary and the Spirit is so strong when these kids sing! It made me think about Brielle and how much I love when she sings. She got a baby doll for her birthday that she has rarely played with. Well she received a cute set of things for her baby doll for Christmas from our good friends the Paynes including a little pack-n-play, a stroller, a bouncer and some other cute things. Well Brielle was putting her baby doll in the pack-n-play and I asked her if she wanted to sing a song to her baby doll. Without another thought she started singing I Am a Child of God to the doll. I almost started crying. It was the sweetest thing ever. I am so thankful for music and the role it can have in our lives. There is not much else that can bring tears to my eyes faster than children singing beautiful songs with their sweet voices. I am so thankful for my calling that I am able to hear children sing sweet primary songs each week. I am so lucky and I am so thankful for music!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weight Family Christmas Party

I didn't get any pictures of our family Stoddard party, but here are the pictures of the Weight party.
This is my dad and Brielle.
I think this is the first picture I have ever gotten of Brielle and Ariah smiling! WAHOO!!
Brielle with her very high pigtails!
Here is Ariah, Brielle's cute cousin.

My mom and Brielle.

Last picture of Weight party.

I am not sure why I could not put this one with the others. Oh well. I love this picture!

Ward Christmas Party 2009

I am on the activities committee for our ward and this year we decided to do the Polar Express for our ward. I thought it was such a great idea and I think it was really a lot of fun to do. It took a lot of work, but mainly because I brought in on myself, but I love doing Christmas things, so it was totally worth it.
Here is Brielle with Santa. We have been preparing her for weeks telling her that Santa was going to come and she would sit on his lap and not cry and then he would give her a present. Surprisingly she did fabulous all three times she talked to Santa this year! Yea for preparation and for Brielle!!!
Here is Brielle's good friend Molly. I absolutely love this picture. She is delighted to be sitting on Santa's lap.
Here is a picture of some of the snowflakes I made and hung from wall to wall.
Here are our cute table decorations. We had a cute tree in the middle and then candy down the middle!

Here are the tickets I made as invitations to look like the Polar Express tickets! I cut them all out (along with my sister's help) and I hope people enjoyed them. They were fun to do!
We had a cute train coming out of a tunnel. It was a joy trying to keep the kids off of it, but they did fairly well.

Here is our stage set up for when Santa came.

Santa's list of children's names. Our activities chairman is awesome! She wrote them all out! What a cute idea.
More snowflakes.

Here is our envelope to Santa.