Saturday, January 28, 2012


This post is a long one in coming. We love friends!! We have had so much fun spending time with friends the last few months. Left to right we have Jaron, Brooklyn, Brielle, Ariah, Gavin and Macy. Many times I have had 6 kids total at our house and we have had a blast! My friend Michelle and I both work from home so we switch kids a lot and it has saved my life!
I'm so sad this picture is blurry because I love it!

We spent a few days going to the playground and I remembered my camera this time!

Look at those cute friends!

My friend Kasha and I also love to trade and this is Brooklyn, Brielle and Eli. We sure love her too!

Here is another picture of them eating Popsicles. Ariah, Brooklyn, Gavin, Lia, Brielle and Macy.

Cute Halloween picture.

More leave pictures with Brielle and Lia. Lia and Brielle get along so well! They play for hours without hardly a fight or argument. It is amazing.

What a great summer and fall we had with friends!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

November Leaves

I love getting pictures of my kids with the leaves but the sun was just not right which created a lot of shadows.

I love getting shots of them throwing the leaves in the air as well.

Lia came over to play and we all had a ball raking and throwing leaves.

The temperature is about the same as it was then and it is now January. Definitely pros and cons to the warm weather. Unfortunately there is no snow which could hinder our economy quite a bit. Hopefully it will come soon!

Monday, January 2, 2012

October Leaves/Bridal Veil Falls

Look at that beautiful girl with that beautiful background!
This one is pretty cute too!

We wanted a good picture of the girls together but that didn't happen. Oh well.

Me and my girls against some beautiful trees.

Me and my honey. I love fall (too bad I'm posting these in January). Oh well. I am confident this year I will be better with my blog!