Monday, June 23, 2008

A friend showed me this and I loved it! - Jim Gaffigan

Artsy fartsy

So I had a friend invite me to a card party. I have never made my own cards, but thought it would be fun. I went and let me tell you what, I LOVED IT!! I am not very good or efficient yet, but I plan to be, if I get invited again (wink, wink)! The cards are adorable and worth every second and penny I put into them. I am not very artsy at all, but this made me feel awesome, (even though I followed step by step how to do it and I got help with some of them). It was exhilarating. Just thought you all might like to know how artsy I am now! ha ha

Friday, June 20, 2008

New Look

How do you like the new look of our blog? I'm very happy with it. It needed a major facelift, and I think I found just the ticket!

By the way, if anyone out there is looking at my blog (which is fine) and I do not have your name under the family and friends, please let me know what your blog address is so I can add you on and keep in touch with you as well. I would really appreciate it. Happy blogging! So if you haven't noticed, I'm completely addicted to blogging now!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I want to wish all of the fathers out there happy father's day, although mostly women read and keep up on the blogs. Oh well. I want my father and the father of my baby to know how much I love and appreciate them both! They are both such awesome dads and I'm so thankful to have them in my life.


A) Four places I visit over and over:
1. Lake Powell
2. Arches National Park
3. Shelleen's house (my sister)
4. Costco

B) Four people who email me (regularly):
1. My mom
2. LDS something or other (I guess this is not a real person oh well)
3. Baby
4. My relief society president to tell me about that night's enrichment (which I love because I either forget or don't hear about it)

C) Four places I like to eat:
1. Cheesecake factory
2. Olive Garden
3. Cafe Rio
4. Macaroni Grill

D) Four places I'd rather be right now:
1. On vacation at Lake Powell or Hawaii
2. With Mike anywhere
3. With my family anywhere
4. Taking a nap

E) Four TV shows (movies) I would watch over and over:
1. Charmed
2. Monk
3. Ever After
4. While you were sleeping

F) Four People I'm tagging:
1. Shelleen
2. Ryan
3. Andrea
4. Emily

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Anyone need a Q-tip?

I was looking at my friend's blog the other day and she put a few pictures of the mess her son has made in the past few years. I laughed and thought I'm so glad that Brielle isn't doing that yet. Well the other day I left her for about 15 seconds to fill up her bath. I came back to this and couldn't help but laugh out loud!

Onto the freeway and going to Boise, to visit Brielle's grandpa we go

So over Memorial Day weekend we went to Eagle to visit Mike's dad and family. It was so much fun. We had a great time playing volleyball, going to Indiana Jones in the theater, playing Wii, going to Phil's farewell and playing 500 in the sprinklers at 11 o'clock at night. Here are a couple of pictures of Brielle in her sunglasses that we took while there. You would think I would get pictures of everything else we did, but no, just of Brielle!

On the road again... I just can't wait to get on the road again.

The next weekend- May 30-June 5th Brielle and I (along with most of my immediate family) flew to Cleveland for my oldest niece's baptism and my youngest nephew's baby blessing. It was so much fun and it was hard to come home. I only see my oldest brother's family about once a year, if that, and so it was fun to spend time with them. Also Chris (my brother who is in residency) took a week off so it was even better. I took so many great pictures and had a hard time chosing which ones to put on here so I put a whole bunch!

Pictures of Cleveland Trip

This is the oldest grandchild, Annie. She is so smart and beautiful and she and I have a special bond. I love her so much. Out of all the people she could have sat by in sacrament meeting that was there for her and Hudson she chose to sit by me. I loved it! I love these pictures of her and Brielle. She was able to make Brielle laugh more than anyone. Brielle just adored her and she adored Brielle. The first one is the day we got there. The second picture is the day Annie was baptized.

This picture is of Annie, Brielle and Ariah (my younger sister's baby). I thought it was sweet that Brielle was touching Ariah's hand although she was probably trying to scratch her. The picture on the right is one of Annie and Hudson (her baby brother who was blessed the same day). It was such a blessing to be there.

This picture I think is hillarious. Ariah is falling over and not happy. Hudson is crying and you look at Brielle's face and she is just so happy about it all!

More pictures

This is my oldest brother's family. Lisa and Chris are in the back. From left to right we have Noah, Brigham, Annie and Hudson.

The above picture is of my family who attended the baptism. It was nice to be together. Only one brother and his family could not make it. I love the picture on the right of Annie, Brielle and I.

This is one of my favorite pictures. Chris kissing Hudson. Isn't it sweet? I love it

More pictures

Here are pictures of the three babies. The second one is Brielle trying to borrow one of Hudson's eyes.

Here are the three moms and babies. I didn't get a good one because kids were taking pictures with my camera.

The picture of Brielle and Shimayne, my sister, is my new favorite. I wish we had a better background though.

Amish Country

I love the Amish and loved Amish country. I liked this picture.
Cool buildings and gift shop in Amish country,
My parents in a gazebo. Aren't they cute?
This has a funny story. You see my mom inm the blue coat taking a picture of my brother and his kids with the horse and buggy? Well as they were crossing the street I told my brother that I wanted to take a picture of them with the horse and buggy. Well obviously my mom did not hear that because as soon as they got across the street she said okay turn around and SHE got the picture with them and the horse and buggy. Hopefully it was a good one and I will get it from her!
My niece and nephews with my mom by a cute play house.

More pictures of Amish country

This is my cute nephew Noah. He is a scientist at heart and I will show you why in a few pictures.

Here is the restaurant we ate it. It was SOOOOO good. It was a Swiss/Amish restaurant. We loved it.

Minnie mouse twins

My parents gave Ariah and Brielle both minnie mouse outfits. One set is 3-6 months and the other is 6-9 months. They are both about the same size and so we washed the 3-6 months ones and put them on. Don't they look too cute!?!!?
Grandma and her newest granddaughters.
Okay, who is the serious one and who is the goofball?
Brielle doing tummy time and actually enjoying it. Who knew??
She can sit up by herself on the couch for a while. I think she was very excited to be doing it by herself. After about 5 minutes she would tip over. It was cute. I love these outfits and everyone thinks they are twins when wearing them. They kind of are in my mind. It was quite a spectacle to see three moms and three babies walking around. It was a lot of fun. We even had one lady in the Amish Village take video of us walking across the street with our three babies. That was funny. Oh also in the Amish Village we went to the cheese factory. My was it heavenly. They probably had 30 different kinds of cheese that you could sample. They were incredible, everything from normal to spicy chili cheese, to chocolate cheese to cayanne pepper to smoked Swiss American (which was my favorite). It was incredible!

Last of the pictures from our trip

This is my angel baby Brielle, just in case you were not sure that she was mine or you haven't seen enough pictures of her! This is Ariah at the airport. She was so happy and I got some great pictures.
So Brielle has not taken a bottle for a while. She likes to hold her own cups though so Shell wondered if we put some water in it and let her hold it if she would drink. She did but she especially liked holding it with her hands and feet!
This is Noah who froze his brothers truck into a popsicle and then was eating it! He is so funny!
This is my beautiful younger sister in Amish country. This picture doesn't begin to describe how beautiful it was there. Ohio is a really pretty state.